Call for Papers

You are invited to send your abstract (250 to 500 words in length) in the areas described below or related to Human Spaceflight by September 15, 2019 deadline. Abstract submission is accepted electronically through the conference email  beginning May 15, 2019. Please be sure to designate the topic area your paper addresses.

Topic-1: Human Spaceflight Challenges
•    Space Life science aspects
•    Life Support System technologies
•    Space hazard mitigation (Radiation/ Micro particle impact)
•    Space habitats
•    Crew selection and training
•    Hygiene management

Topic-2: Enabling technologies for human spaceflight – Present and Future
•    Enhancing Launch vehicle capabilities, safety, reliability etc.
•    Technologies for long duration human space flight missions
•    Space Robotics
•    Deep Space Exploration Challenges

Topic-3: Ground systems for human spaceflight
•    Crew training facilities
•    Simulation facilities
•    Mission control
•    Launch complex
•    Crew recovery

Topic-4: Scientific and societal relevance of Human spaceflight
•    Microgravity experiments carried out by human in space
•    Spin-offs

Topic-5: Policy aspects and Economics of Human Spaceflight
•    Future multilateral exploration goals and strategies
•    Commercial aspects of human spaceflight
•    Legal aspects of human spaceflight
•    Space Tourism
•    Outreach activities in human spaceflight programme

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