IAA Membership Fees

Individual annual fees 2019

Online payment is available on the IAA online shop.

Individual annual fees 2019 form is also available upon request at IAA Office for traditional payment through surface mail, email or fax.


Individual annual fees 2018

Online payment is still available on the IAA online shop.

Individual annual fees 2018 form is also available upon request at IAA Office for traditional payment through surface mail, email or fax.

IAA Finance Committee

The Finance standing committee advises the President and the Board on policy matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the Academy. The Vice President Finance, Chair of the committee, is charged with the direction of the financial activities of the Academy as authorized by the President and shall be responsible to the President. This Vice President assure that all monies received for the use or support of the Academy and its functions, whether from operations, publications, donations or any source whatsoever, be deposited in a special account or accounts for the use of the Academy only, and by such persons as the President may designate.

As of February 2018 the composition of the Finance Committee is as follows:

Membership term October 2017 – October 2019

Matsuo Hiroki 2 M Japan
Malitikov Efim 2 M Russia
Contant Jean Michel 4 M France
Ex Officio Trustees
Jankowitsch Peter 4 M Austria
Perminov Anatoly 4 M Russia
Mendieta Francisco 4 M Mexico
Liu Jiyuan 4 M China
McNutt Ralph 1 M USA
Schumacher John D. 2 M USA
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula 3 M Greece
Piso Marius Ioan 4 M Romania
Du Jichen M 3 China
Elbon John M 4 USA
Fouse Scott D M 2 USA
Kinai Shigeki M 2 Japan
Nair Madhavan G M 2 India
Schumacher John D M 2 USA
Solntsev Vladimir L M 2 Russia
Tennen Leslie I M 4 USA
Urlichich Yuriy M 4 Russia
Wang Jinnian M 1 China
Wu Meirong M 4 China


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