Scientific Activities

Scientific Activity

The Academy Sections are in charge of the membership, the Academy Commissions are in charge of the scientific activities.

The Scientific Activities Committee (SAC) is in charge of the Scientific Activities. The SAC report to the Board of Trustees and coordinates and decides of the programs.

The Commissions report to the Scientific Activities Committee (SAC) and are in charge of coordinating all scientific activity including studies, symposia and conferences.

The Study Groups report to the Commissions and are groups of experts in charge of producing an Academy report within a timeframe of 3 years or less.

The Program Committees report to the Commissions are groups of experts in charge of the symposia and conferences, either stand alone (8 to 10 symposia each year) or at IAC (15 symposia each year).

Three other sections of the web site are providing additional information:

–¬† “Call for Papers” section devoted to IAA symposia conference announcement

– “Conferences” section devoted to synthesis of past and future programs (conferences after Call for Papers deadline)

– “Published Studies and Position Papers” devoted to published studies with full text available¬†without any password

Scientific Activities Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Activities standing committee advises the President and the Board on policy matters pertaining to the scientific purposes of the Academy. The Vice President Scientific Activities, Chair of the committee, prepare a plan of scientific activities, in accordance with the recommendations of the Academy Commissions and approval of the Board. This Vice President is charged with the direction of scientific activities, including Academy Commissions, Program Committees, and Study Groups, scientific meetings, and conferences.

As of September 2018 the composition of the Scientific Activities Committee is as follows:

Membership term October 2017 – October 2019

Perminov Anatoly, Russia, M 4
Vice-Chair Studies

Viviani Antonio, Italy, M 1
Vice-Chair Conferences and Symposia
Graziani Filippo, Italy, M 2
Contant Jean-Michel, France, M 4

Ex Officio Trustees
Jankowitsch Peter, Austria, M 4
Liu Jiyuan, China, M 4
Matsuo Hiroki, Japan, M 2
Mendieta-Jimenez Francisco, Mexico, M 4
McNutt Ralph, USA, M 1
Schumacher John D., USA, M 2
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula, Greece, M 3
Piso Marius-Ioan, Romania, M 4

Ex-Officio Commission Chairs

McKenna-Lawlor Susan, Ireland, M 1
Fomina Elena, Russia, M 3
Lenard Roger, USA, M 2
Tsuchida Akira, Japan, M 2
Schmidt-Tedd Bernhard, Germany, M 4
Ramirez de Arellano Rosa, Mexico, M 4

Trustees Members
Bao Weimin, China, M 2
Coustenis Athena, France, M 1
Davis Jeffrey R., USA, M 3
Fouse Scott D., USA, M 2
Kinai Shigeki, Japan, M 2
Mukai Chiaki, Japan, M 3
Nair Madhavan, India, M 2
Nakamura Rumi, Japan, M 1
Prunariu Dumitru-Dorin, Romania, M 3
Urlichich Yuriy, Russia, M 4

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